Duck Life 4

DuckWidget4-Duck life 4 is a sequel to the duck life 3. You should be ready to start training the duck so that you can compete and also win. The competition in the game has six categories. The game gets more complicated if you move to a new category.


You are going to win the game when you have completed all the categories in a more successful way and to become the number one when you finish the race. This is why the training in the sequel will require the use of the power to race, accuracy and speed. You can find many obstacles with the sharp bends compared to the duck life. The game also has different accessories that you can use that are found in its sequel. The duck is going to exhibit even more features as human being.

duck life 4

Game Play

When you start to train the duck, you have to begin using low speed and then increase the speed as the time passes and that the duck may get enough skills needed to pass through all the six categories.  You should use the control keys in order to race or to dodge the obstacles while increasing the speed.  The game has just started and every person wish to win and this include even you duck. Everything that will take place in the game will depend on what you choose to do.

To play the game, you have to dodge the obstacles and to move the duck using higher speed compared to other competitors in the game yandere simulator.  When you pass a category of the game, you are going to be introduced to a higher level that will also be harder compared to the category that you have just finished. When you use all the available skills, you can move to the last part so that you can win and to be prepared for a new sequel.

duck life 4

Story Line

The ducks in your park looks as if they are a bunch of lazy bunch that snarf and waddle around with the bread crumbs. The reason for this, it may be because they have already spent most of their time training to race in different terrains in order to achieve eternal glory. However, this is not the time to retire but it is time to relieve these moments with the Duck life 4. The game is the combination of the mini games that were found in the previous versions but there are also new ones that have been added.  The game suggests that you build the team of three different ducks and every duck should be trained on its own.  However, this is a suggestion since it is faster to train only one duck. This will also give you a chance to buy new hats for your duck. The game has come too far compared to the old ones and even if it still has some silly and simple collection, it is something perfect that people may use in their spare time and for someone who want something casual and fun. However, most of the time, you may have just to cheer while everything takes place on their own.